Hugh Janda of Jordan Automotive, Dealer Reviews
Hugh Janda

“I didn’t realize the impact of online reviews,” shared Hugh Janda, Pre-Owned Account Executive at Jordan Automotive Group. “Now there are months I’ll sell three or four cars just by people asking for me by name.”

With seven years of sales experience and a passion for all things automotive, Janda uses his charismatic style to promote his personal brand through online reviews. Using Jordan Automotive’s one-price, low stress customer experience as a foundation, Janda strives to “wow” customers with world-class service at every interaction, a practice that’s led him to strong sales and new referral opportunities.

Getting started

With a bit of advice and encouragement from Ben Bailey, his local rep, Janda took time to develop a process for asking customers for online reviews that fit into his day-to-day workflow.

“Ben’s been an incredible coach. He knows what it’s like to work these hours and keep smiling,” said Janda. “He never hesitates to go the extra mile.”

As part of his process, Janda sends an email to customers that includes a link to his dealership’s Dealer Reviews page after meeting them on the showroom floor. He sends a similar follow-up email immediately after he delivers a new vehicle – sometimes before the customer has even made it home.

“Asking for a review is as simple as saying ‘thank you,’” said Janda.

In less than 10 months, Jordan Automotive has collected over 30 reviews on, the majority of which reference Janda by name.

From more than 3,000 miles away

While reviews have helped Janda build his name within the local community of Mishawaka, Indiana, he’s seen first-hand how positive online reviews stretch far beyond the city limits.

One prospect contacted the dealership all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska – a city roughly 3,500 miles from the lot – because of the positive reviews he and his wife had read about Janda.

“I was trying to find the car that was exactly like my old one – to a T – and I found it at Jordan,” the shopper told Janda. “So I went to to check out the reviews and knew I only wanted to deal with you.”

Janda cites the Fairbanks example as proof positive of the role online reviews play in influencing car buyers.

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