Keeping the attention of in-market car shoppers is no easy task.To help franchise dealers stay connected to shoppers regardless of where their online journey takes them, we’ve launched Cars360, an innovative new audience extension solution aimed at influencing highly qualified, in-market shoppers after they’ve left our site.

Cars360 works by serving display ads for your dealership to consumers who’ve searched for a particular make on, effectively extending the reach of your store to our audience across a network of thousands of websites.

“Car shoppers spend as long as 19 weeks in market to purchase a vehicle, and during that process, they spend over 20 hours a week online.  They’re browsing auto websites, but they’re also reading news sites, checking sports scores, planning out their weekends, shopping online or checking email,” said Rock Irvin, Manager of Data & Partnerships,  “Cars360 offers additional exposure to a highly targeted audience of local in-market shoppers who have expressed interest in a dealership’s make on  The dealership’s brand will be seen by those shoppers across the web, providing dealers with a unique branding opportunity to influence potential customers even when they are not shopping on”

Cars360, retargeting

While retargeting can be effective in helping re-engage shoppers who have already visited your store’s website, Cars360 draws upon our own high-quality audience to drive new traffic to your dealership’s website or Dealer Profile – similar to consumer-facing programs on sites like and is ALL DRIVE, providing your dealership with tools to succeed in today’s marketplace. For more information on Cars360, contact your local representative or visit


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