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Implementing a process to collect and promote quality online reviews takes an entire team. As a general manger, owner, or individual team member, you may understand how reviews serve an important role in showcasing the way your store treats customers, but have hit roadblocks when conveying that importance to the entire staff. If you’re having trouble activating your team, take a look at how these three dealers set their team up for success with online customer reviews.

Recruit and train with reputation in mind

When you hire a new employee, how do you decide if they’ll represent the store well? Are they great at understanding customer needs, or are they only focused on selling?  Maguire Automotive often hires individuals from outside the automotive industry, favoring customer service experience and a positive attitude over product knowledge or a background in sales. With strong interpersonal skills, new employees are able to learn dealership processes and product information, which in turn brings them success in delivering great customer service – a “must” when it comes to making sure the experience you provide results in positive reviews. 

Assign responsibility for monitoring reviews

Customers are able to submit online reviews 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Is somebody at your store alerted when each new review comes in? The team at Tom Wood Toyota monitors reviews across all platforms on a daily basis. As new reviews arrive, they’re distributed to managers, who follow up with store associates in one-on-one meetings to give praise and coach for improvement.  Designating someone on your team to monitor reviews can help give you peace of mind as a manger, while empowering a team member to step up to a new responsibility.

Support reputation management objectives   

Does your store’s comp plan offers bonuses based on benchmarks or performance? Consider making online reviews part of the evaluation criteria to incentive your team members. Sales associates at Greenway Dodge must obtain three new online reviews per month to receive the bonus outlined in their comp plan. The same goes for service – bonuses are only given once the entire department makes its monthly review quota. While at first this might seem counter-intuitive, once the team sees the personal benefit they get from customers seeing their name in reviews, they’ll be more likely to jump on board.

How do you motivate your staff to ask for online reviews? Share you expertise in the comments below!


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