#NADA2013With NADA 2013 in the rear-view mirror, the DealerADvantage team took some time to sift through the hundreds of #NADA2013 tweets to look back at how dealers and vendors alike joined the social conversation surrounding the convention. Thanks to promotion from NADA and support via the Social Connection Zone, convention enthusiasts were encouraged to share their experience through social channels, specifically Twitter and Instagram, in real-time by using the hashtags #NADA2013 and #NADATips. A common practice at trade shows, including automotive trade events, hashtags allow all attendees to tie their social posts to a common thread for others to see and engage with. Be sure to keep an eye out for the official event hashtag at the next trade show you attend to join in on the social conversation.

From arctic travel and excitement about workshops to helpful tips and a new friend named Roy, here are just a few of our favorite tweets from Orlando. Do you have a favorite Tweet from #NADA2013? Mention @DealerADvantage and let us know!












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