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With sound hiring processes in place and a well-established brand, the next step in sustaining success through reviews is continuous training and positive reinforcement. As part of the employee dealership’s on-boarding process, Kimmel recommended extensive training on dealership processes in addition to basic product knowledge.

Moreover, Kimmel referenced the best practices of Maguire Automotive, one of the highest rated dealerships in New York, as something what dealers could do to reward individual contributions. Outside of monetary bonuses, Maguire calls out the positive reviews employees receive during the store’s weekly sales meeting. Additionally, the dealership often quotes online reviews that mention employees in their traditional radio advertising, allowing the employee’s friends and family to share in their individual success. Together, the personal and public recognition help boost morale throughout dealership, creating happy employees that see value in positively representing their dealership.

Return: Kimmel highlights financial benefit of positive online reviews

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