Establish your Dealership’s Brand

Does your dealership have a defined brand and does it communicate it throughout all marketing channels? In her session, Kimmel encouraged dealers to take a hard look what defines their business and use that to their advantage. As a general manager or an owner, Kimmel suggested that it’s up to you to lay the groundwork for success in developing your store’s brand.

Learn from Reviews

Part of building your dealership’s brand includes getting feedback. By listening for and addressing negative sentiment, both online and off, you can help assure customer experience aligns with expectations.

Kimmel stressed the importance of getting visibility to all incoming dealership reviews. Whether the reviews are on, Yelp, Google+ Local or any other review site that may be popular in your region, the first step to successfully managing reviews is having a designated person at the dealership check them on a daily basis. From there, it’s important for a manager to respond to all reviews, good and bad, using the feedback gathered to evaluate dealership processes and coach for success. Identifying and correcting flawed processes can help your dealership avoid losing deals due to poor customer service, which ultimately impacts the store’s bottom line.

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