Ask Questions to Benefit Culture

As a leader of the dealership, Kimmel explained the unique role general managers and owners have in facilitating culture. Citing the example of Brian Hefner, General Manager, Tom Wood Toyota Scion, she showed how transparency at all levels can help establish deep customer relationships and build trust with employees. Specifically, she discussed how Hefner and his team provide their direct contact information at multiple points throughout the dealership and ask for customer feedback if expectations are not met.

Once a positive dealership culture is established, Kimmel showed how hiring the right people can help sustain your dealership’s values.  Simply by creating a specific job description, preparing discerning interview questions and getting buy-in from others at the dealership, general managers can help sort candidates that would genuinely improve the business from those who would just fill a seat. Furthermore, hiring for quality leads to lower turnover and subsequent costs of onboarding multiple new employees.

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