In her workshop on audience and engagement, Meredith Oliver of Creating WOW Communications shared her advice on how dealerships can tailor their marketing efforts to provide great experiences to female shoppers.

Oliver suggested that though women directly purchase 50 percent of all new vehicles and influence 80 percent of all sales, the automotive market does not always meet their needs, citing that women are typically more likely to shop online, text message and interact on social networks than men. As a general rule of thumb, Oliver argued that women ultimately look for four things when purchasing a vehicle – convenience, safety, value and style.

As a solution, she encouraged dealers to truly identify their audience, especially their female audience, through surveys, focus groups and direct customer feedback, then market to accordingly,

“Find your niche and be better than anyone else in the space,” said Oliver.

One of the best ways to engage female shoppers, according to Oliver, is via social media. However, she cautioned that dealers who attempt to use social media as a lead generation tool may not get the results they’re after.

“You should be looking at social media to drive word-of-mouth referral sales,” Oliver said. “If you’re looking for Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to drive traffic to website, you’re missing the point.”

Oliver closed her session by stressing the importance of providing engaging content in the form of unique photos, stories and customer testimonials, as well as promoting social media through multiple sales channels.

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