Missed some sessions today?  We’ve got the Spark Notes versions for you!

Five Winning Strategies to Sell More Used Cars | Tommy Gibbs, Tommy Gibbs & Associates

  1. You won’t maximize your potential in new until you reduce your turn in used.
  2. Independent dealers sold 14 million cars in 2012 and where do they get them? From Franchise dealers.
  3. Check out, which can help dealers calculate ROI on similar vehicles
  4. Track your cost per unit sold — daily.
  5. The longer you keep a car the more expensive it is

Purse Power: Sell and Market to Digital Divas| Meredith Oliver, Creating WOW Communications

  1. Sell convenience, such as childcare or activities for kids — and definitely more than a loop TV of Charlie Brown. This goes for the product, too — does a vehicle go longer between fill-ups?  Have a great entertainment system?  Remember that men aren’t the only ones interested in technology.
  2. Safety – Safety matters, and not just at the vehicle — they also want to feel respected and safe at the dealership.
  3. Value – this doesn’t mean cheap, it means more safety, features, style and convenience for their money.  Think Target vs. Wal-Mart, Oliver said.
  4. Style – Oliver said she’s seeing the trend that women are willing to spend a little more for style.
  5. Finally, everyone in the dealership should be able to answer this question: why do female car buyer from your dealership?

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