In “Double Your Internet Sales and Profits This Year,” David Kain of Kain Automotive shared best practices for how dealers can improve their processes to make more money at their stores.

Quoting Google and J.D. Power, Kain reminded dealers that while shoppers use 18.2 sources for information prior to purchasing a vehicle, they only visit 1.3 dealerships on average.

“They will not buy the car online until they like you online,” Kain said, urging dealers to sell their brand in digital in order to sell the car in their store. To drive consideration with shoppers online, Kain stressed the importance of mobile and video, and emphasized process around text messaging and proper lead handling in particular. Shoppers who send leads typically do so 60 to 90 days prior to purchase, making follow-up a key component of being the dealership of choice at the end of that process.

Catch David’s final session tomorrow, Feb. 11, at W304 AB at 8:30 am.

How are you making sure your store is part of the 1.3?