photo“We are in the greatest media revolution that human kind has ever seen,” said Matt Murray, VP of Enterprise Technology,, as he walked through the history of digital media from the start of the internet to present day.

In his presentation, “Are you the dealer you say you are?,” Murray encouraged dealers to embrace a truly progressive mindset to better optimize their websites and display advertising to meet consumer needs. From basic websites in 2001 to social media in 2012, Murray discussed how every few years, a new technology emerges, a handful of dealers adopt, test and benefit from it, then the rest of the community buys-in. He argued that, given the nature of the 30-day cycle of the automotive business, dealers have little risk to stretch the boundaries of their online advertising, though many don’t.

Murray led by sharing key best practices related to dealership websites. He encouraged dealers to highlight one feature photo (the “hero” photo as he referred to it) to showcase dealership’s brand and connect with its audience. He referenced that shoppers who clicked on the featured photo spent 80% more time on site and were 50% more likely to convert to a lead.

Murray moved on to discuss how display advertising could be used to improve overall traffic and conversion to dealers sites. With contextual targeting, behavioral targeting and retargeting, he showed that if consumers are exposed to display, they’re often more likely to convert in other advertising mediums. Specifically, Murray cited that 1 of 5 paid search conversions is preceded by a display ad impression.

“I want my customers to see me everywhere I go,” said Murray. “When they see a car, I want them to think of me.”

To close the presentation, Murray pushed General Managers and Owners to think beyond the traditional role of the Internet Sales Manager and stressed that using new tools often requires a full-time commitment.

If you missed Matt’s presentation today, he’ll be presenting again on Sunday at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm in room W 308AB.

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