jared“Good managers don’t focus on results,” said Jared Hamilton, CEO of Driving Sale. “Good managers focus on the activities that lead to results.”

In his presentation, Generation Web: Fully Optimize the Digital Journey, Hamilton discussed how dealerships can identify their brand message and target audience to effectively advertise online.

He opened the session by stressing the importance of the non-linear path of today’s car shopper.

“Consumers take multiple journeys,” said Hamilton. “They start at different points and they all have different paths.”

Through an anecdote of his own car buying experience, Jared dispelled the notion of the “single-source lead,” citing the multiple resources shoppers use throughout the research and buying process.

To be successful, Hamilton argued that dealers must first identify their store’s brand, meaning that they must determine what differentiates them from others in the market. Whether it’s unique customer service practices, an ability to finance all customers, or a promise to match the lowest-price, to give a few examples, brand message is something that needs to be consistently reinforced throughout all marketing and customer experience channels.

“Good brands don’t serve everybody,” said Hamilton. “They serve a specific type of customer better than anyone else.”

Jared moved on to discuss four archetypal car shopper profiles, comparable to Myers-Briggs or DiSC profiles, which are affected differently depending on a store’s online and offline dealership experience. Hamilton then stressed that, though some online advertising mediums, such as a dealership website and automotive marketplaces, are universally used by all shopper profiles, other advertising channels, such as social media and SEM, vary depending on the shopper type.

He closed by addressing how marketing invests must be made to align store brand, customers and media, and encouraged dealers to focus on engagement metrics when evaluating success at their stores.

If you missed Jared’s presentation today, he’ll be presenting again on Sunday at 10:30 am in room W205 and Monday at 8:30 am in room W208.

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