Understanding how car shoppers navigate your dealership’s used vehicle inventory is critical to success. As consumer behavior becomes more information-driven and spans across desktop and multiple mobile platforms, the metrics dealers look at to understand shopper activity and advertising performance must adapt as well.

With this in mind, Cars.com has launched its all-new MarketDrive report, sharing more actionable information about shoppers’ awareness and consideration of your used inventory and your dealership. While many of the metrics used to evaluate your used-car performance will remain the same, MarketDrive now includes vital information about how your dealership compares to the competition, as well as mobile shopper activity, more audience insights and important stats about your online reputation.

Click the labels in the “Section” column for an in-depth look at each component of the new Cars.com MarketDrive Report.

Section Metric What it measures How you can use it to drive better performance
Dealer Profile Dealership Type How your store compares to your competition
  • Know how your dealership stacks up against your market
  • Make better decisions about future inventory acquisition
Audience and Awareness Local Visits Total visits to Cars.com in your local market
  • Understand your customers and the qualified audience of in-market car shoppers on Cars.com
Visitis from a Mobile Device Percentage of traffic to Cars.com coming from a mobile device, as well as the number of mobile searches in close proximity to your store
  • Understand mobile shopping trends
Impressions by Product Impressions your dealership receives, compared with the market average
  • Learn how your dealership’s impressions compare in your market
  • Track how improvements in your pricing and merchandising strategies can impact performance
  • Identify additional opportunities to showcase your brand and inventory on Cars.com
Consideration Merchandising How well your store has showcased your inventory on Cars.com
  • Identify opportunities for better merchandising
Leads / Contacts The number of leads, contacts and walk-in indicators received by your dealership
  • Understand the many ways shoppers on Cars.com connect with your store
  • Identify possible correlations with walk-in traffic
Conversion Inventory Engagement The average age of vehicles removed in the last 30 days, as well as the level of shopper activity driving those potential sales
  • Understand the connection between inventory turnover and the exposure and consideration those vehicles received
Mobile Search Activity New / Used Mobile Search Activity The number of mobile searches within a 20 mile radius of your dealership
  • Understand mobile shopper activity in your area and identify possible walk-in traffic
Dealer Reviews Dealer Performance Total number of dealer reviews within the last 30 days and overall, as well as your store’s rating
  • Understand how your dealership’s reputation appears to shoppers on Cars.com
  • Track how your store’s reputation ranks within your market