Many consumers follow brands’ Facebook pages for special deals, but providing incentives that truly interest your audience is key.  If you’re posting about a special promotion or sale, do your best to make it worthwhile – “$5 off of an oil change” may turn some heads, but customers may find “$5 off of a service bill of $400 or more” less interesting, decreasing the value they feel they receive by being connected with your store overall. Test your audience and modify incentives based on engagement.  Also, focus on service and trade-in offers, since many of your fans are likely current customers.  Check out our tips for using Facebook Offers here.

Though there’s no limit to how creative you can be with your dealership’s Facebook page, following these five tips will set your dealership up for success.

Questions? Want to take your Facebook page to the next level? You might be interested in the Facebook For Business and Social Media Today blogs. Both are fantastic resources.

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