According to a recent eMarketer report, 88% of mobile phone users check their email via their device daily*.  Does your dealership send mobile-friendly email?

Getting your contacts to open an email, read it and take action on it may seem simple, but according to eMarketer’s study, mobile open rates and click-throughs are slipping, causing many to rethink their approach to the experience provided by their email marketing efforts.

Here are some ways to optimize the email you send for today’s mobile car shopper:

  1. First, be sure to create short, attention-grabbing subject lines.  Try to keep the length to 50 characters or less and use action words that are relevant to their interests and personalize the experience.
  2. Use mobile-friendly templates that scale according to screen size.  There’s nothing worse for a mobile user than an email formatted for a 15-inch computer screen!  Open test emails on as many smartphones and tablets as you can get your hands on to ensure your emails are easy to read from any device.
  3. Cut the copy!  Whether it’s responding to an inquiry about a specific vehicle or a newsletter meant for a distribution list of 1,000, ask yourself, “would I read all of this on my smartphone?”  If the answer is no, limit the amount of copy, and if possible, limit the number of calls-to-action in a given email.  Adding bullets and using bold formatting are other ways to cut down on copy and draw the reader’s eye to what’s most important.

By doing your part to make it easy for mobile car shoppers to get relevant information quickly and in a way that’s optimized for their device, you’re also making it easier for them to choose your dealership over the competition.

*“Mobile Creates New Opportunities for Email Marketers,” eMarketer, August 2012