Jack Simmons Cars.com Dealer Reviews Tips

More Dealers Putting Their Money on Reviews

Jack Simmons, Dealer Training Manager, Cars.com

It’s no secret that individual metrics and compensation play a big role in achieving dealership-wide goals, which is why managers have long tied pay to “hitting your numbers.”  Based on the audience feedback I heard during my workshop at Digital Dealer last week, owners and senior managers are increasingly putting their money on dealer reviews in this way, namely for their ability to help differentiate a dealership’s brand and ultimately drive more sales and service business.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways these dealerships compensate individual employees for reviews success:

1. Spiffs

The easiest and most turnkey option for rewarding staff for reviews performance is spiffs – they worked for CSI scores, why not use them for reviews?  Consider awarding cash or gift cards for each review acquired, run contests to encourage competition between staff members and even get customers involved by encouraging them to help their favorite salesperson or service manager win big by writing a review for them.

2. Optional Bonuses

While spiffs are meant to be short-term jolts for your program, bonuses are a longer-term push to incentivize dealer staff to increase their take-home pay with reviews.  Identify how many reviews each member of your staff needs to acquire to receive their reviews bonus, and identify which sites they should focus on based on your overall reputation management strategy at your dealership.

3. Mandatory Part of Compensation

An increasing number of dealers are making review acquisition a mandatory component of their pay plans.  At Greenway Dodge in Orlando, Fla., for example, all salespeople and service managers must acquire at least three reviews in order to receive the portion of their pay plans tied to individual performance metrics, such as achieving sales or RO goals.

No matter how you choose to incentivize your staff for reviews, aligning individual performance goals and compensation with your overall objectives is one of the most effective ways to make sure that the great experiences you provide translate into the biggest possible impact on your bottom line.