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This week’s character is Marla, a social media socialite who is always connected to her virtual network, whether she’s on her computer at home or one of her handful of mobile devices on-the-go.  Let’s take a look at how you can use mobile tools in your dealership to keep up with device-crazy car shoppers like Marla.

Respond quickly through mobile channels

Don’t let a lagging response time get in the way of a sale.  One Chicago-area dealer customer says that one of the first questions he asks his potential customers is, “do you text?”  Gone are the days when car shoppers are willing to wait days – or even a few hours – before receiving a response to their inquiry.  With features like e-mail to phone, text messaging and mobile chat, your device can be your secret weapon for providing lead responses instantly – including a personalized video.  Mobile is a great way to connect with service customers as well.  Ask if your customers would prefer a text instead of a phone call – you would be amazed at the improvement in customer response and efficiency.

Go mobile on the lot

Consumers want to shop with confidence, and helping them access more information means your ready-to-buy car shopper stays on your lot instead of heading home to do additional research.  Use mobile to show them inventory, compare pricing, read your dealer reviews, access CARFAX reports and even cross-shop similar brands.  It’s easier to close the sale before they leave the store, and the more information they have at their fingertips, the better position you’re in to respond to any questions or objections they have.

Load up on dealer-facing mobile apps and other tools

There are a number of mobile apps and tools offered by vendors you may already be working with, such as your CRM, inventory management or chat provider.  Check with your vendor or search your device’s mobile application store, such as the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, the Android Marketplace for Android-based phones such as the DROID or the Blackberry App World for Blackberry devices.

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