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This week over at, we introduced Wesley, a bona fide tech guru who’s looking for a new car with high-tech gadgets that are just as cool as his brand new smartphone.  Let’s take a look at how your dealership can connect with Wesley on mobile.

1.) Optimize your site

Since the mobile customer is always on-the-go, it is essential to have your website optimized for mobile viewing. With 78% of car shoppers using their mobile devices during the purchase process*, now is the time to ensure you’re getting their attention whether they’re on a computer, smartphone or tablet.  Check out this recent article on Mashable for tips on optimizing your mobile website.

2.) Use mobile for more efficient processes

Mobile applications offer great features for in-market car shoppers, but the resources mobile offers your sales team can be just as notable. Your team can take vehicle photos, shoot video demos and instantly respond to e-mail leads on the fly, all with one device. The mobile app can be used on your lot to help shoppers get the information they need, such as pricing, vehicle comparisons and reviews, without leaving your dealership.

3.) Connect like a consumer

Instead of synchronizing watches, get your sales team together to synch up their mobile strategies! Have your IT team give your salespeople a lesson or two on how savvy consumers are using their mobile devices, and give them devices of their own.  Equipping your team with the same tools consumers are using during the car-shopping process helps them understand how to sell to this audience. Mobile is fast-paced and consumer-driven, so check out these mobile FAQs to learn more about what some mobile terms mean and how they impact your dealership.

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Gaining extra yards with mobile

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*GreystripeOnline Media Today: “80% Use Smartphones to Car Shop” 2011