Hey everyone! Coach Jack here with some highlights from the Winning Plays board over at Winit2011.com, where we’re helping dealers get in the game with car shoppers during the college football season.

In October, Cars.com is helping dealers step up their game with mobile, and we’re already seeing some great tips filling up the Winning Plays board.

  1. You’re making sure your mobile site never fumbles.  You know that the smart phone customer is on-the-go and looking for specific information on their device, such as pricing, contact information and photos.  One of the best ways you’re connecting with mobile shoppers is by optimizing your site for mobile and making it easy for consumers to access the information they’re looking for on the fly.
  2. You are integrating many parts of the game onto one playing field—mobile!  You’re pairing mobile up with video, dealer reviews, chat and many of the other influence points consumers can experience during the car buying process.  You know how to use mobile to create an all-star experience for the on-the-go shopper.
  3. You and your team huddle up to discuss how to increase consumer confidence and make the mobile experience unique at your dealership.  A quick response time is essential for e-mail and internet leads. You and your team know that using your own mobile devices to ensure fast follow-up is a great way to win over the mobile shopper.  You’re also using your mobile devices to increase customer confidence in your stores while they’re on the lot by showing them vehicle comparisons and competitor inventory on your smart phones, and you’re even doing engaging demos to showcase the connectivity between many of today’s vehicles and mobile devices.

Thanks for being MVPs in the mobile space, and remember to check Winit2011.com for more innovative tips to add to your playbook and enter our sweepstakes for your chance to win an iPad2!

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