Hi everyone, Coach Jack here, and I hope you’re all making it a great week so far.  In addition to the great sales-focused plays you’ve posted on the Winning Plays board at WinIt2011.com, many of you are also using video to raise the visibility of your service departments and deepen your relationships with customers.

Let’s take a look at how you’re working video into your service department game plans:

  1. You’re not relying on trick plays to win the service game.  Fake punts and flea flickers certainly make for exciting football, but the level of risk is so high that they’re usually only called when a team is at its most desperate.  Strong, consistent teams, on the other hand, win with proven processes and lots of practice – not unlike good service departments, in fact.  You’re using video to put the spotlight on your service department’s hard work while also increasing transparency and demystifying the service process.  In a nutshell, you’re using video to build trust. 
  2. You’re coaching your customers to be All-Star car owners.  As someone who has “coached” for more than 20 years as a dealer trainer, I can tell you that being a good coach is much more than just running drills and telling your players what to do – it’s also communicating insights and tools that they can use to step up their game.  From maintenance tips to service FAQs, you’re empowering your customers to play their best game as car owners, and you’re increasing loyalty to your dealership in the process.
  3. You’re giving your star players plenty of air time.  We’ve seen how effective it is on the sales side of your business to personalize your videos, and that holds true for service videos as well.  You’re creating videos that feature the people who provide a great service experience, showing customers the heart and soul behind your service department.  You’re also filming customer testimonials, giving your advocates a chance to shine by sharing their service experiences.

That wraps up today’s highlight reel.  Don’t forget to cast your vote in our poll for the Cars.com Game of the Week on ESPN, then head over to our Facebook page to discuss the game!