Hello, everyone!  Coach Jack here, and I’m back with the highlights of last week’s Winning Plays at WinIt2011.com, where we’re helping dealers get in the game with car shoppers during the college football season. 

Many of you shared that you’re pairing video with social media to create powerful, game-winning drives.  Let’s dig a little deeper into a few of these innovative and effective plays.

  1. You’re adapting your game for the playing conditions.  You know that social media is different than any other marketing channel, and getting your customers’ attention requires a unique style of play.  You’re creating videos using humor, a community focus, special offers and many other types of plays to win more engagement from your fans.
  2. You’re scoring more points with YouTube.  As the top online video content site and the world’s No. 2 search engine, YouTube is social media when it comes to video.  Posting to YouTube helps raise your overall social profile, potentially increasing your dealership’s visibility in search engine results pages.  For even better results, consider setting up your own YouTube channel to serve as the home of your videos and help brand your dealership.  YouTube videos can be embedded on blogs, Facebook pages and websites and can easily be shared via Twitter, making it easy for you – and your customers – to share your video content. 
  3. You’re perfecting your passing game.  Speaking of sharing, making your videos easy to share is only one part of a balanced offensive strategy – you also understand the importance of creating video content that customers want to pass along.  Whether it’s a great service tip, a review of a vehicle a shopper is considering purchasing or an insightful maintenance “how-to” video, you’re filming videos with content that your customers want to share with others. 

That’s great work, team, keep it up.  Looking forward to seeing you back at WinIt2011.com this week for more great plays. 

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