Hey everyone, Coach Jack here with a recap of last week’s action at WinIt2011.com, the online home of our “In It To Win It” initiative helping dealers get in the game with car shoppers during the college football season. 

First, give yourselves a hand.  We asked you to tell us about your game-winning plays using video, and the creativity and enthusiasm of the responses we received is truly MVP material.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

You’re personalizing your videos to score big.  Many of your posts revolved around the importance of making videos personal for your customers.   Whether it’s using video to answer a specific inquiry, educating a customer about important service information for their vehicle, giving a recent purchaser tips on how to use their new car’s features or simply thanking a prospect for their visit, personalizing your videos is a great way to get a customer’s attention.  One dealership even includes QR codes on their business cards, pointing customers to a welcome message from their salesperson!

You’re mixing up your game plan: You’ve mastered the art of vehicle walk-arounds, and you’re not stopping there.  You’re filming virtual test drives, accessories demos, welcome videos, customer testimonials, maintenance FAQs and even training for your sales staff.  You’re harnessing the power of video throughout your operations to differentiate your dealership and build lasting relationships with your customers.

You’re gaining extra yards with social media. It’s clear we’ve got Social Media All-Stars among our ranks.  You’re using humor, valuable insight and a personal touch to create videos that your customers are not only watching, but also sharing with their own social media networks.  You’re using video to give your fans an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

That’s great work, everyone, you’ve earned a water break.  Let’s take 5, then huddle back up at WinIt2011.com for more of the plays you need to get in the game with video.