Dealers woke up last Thursday morning to find that their review volume on Google Places dropped – Google changed the way they displayed third-party reviews for Places to only include user reviews submitted to Google in their results, with links to the third-party review sites from which Google had previously aggregated content. 

Despite the change, the growing importance of reviews in the consumer purchasing process makes it more important than ever to drive review volume at multiple sites, according to Lauren Beaubien, solutions manager – Dealer Reviews.

“Consumers find out about a dealership in many different ways – building review volume on a single site would be like putting all of your advertising dollars in one place,” said Beaubien.  “Building review volume across all dealer review sites ensures that dealers are managing their online reputations effectively in all the places consumers are shopping for vehicles.  What’s more is the fact that building review volume in multiple locations helps in optimizing your dealership’s placement in search results – that much has not changed.”

For more information about how your dealership can build review volume and manage the conversation, visit the Reputation Management Toolkit.