Sell copy is a key ingredient in an effective online listing, telling a story about both the vehicle and your dealership. Shoppers use this information to determine if the car meets their needs and decide whether to take the next step toward a purchase by contacting the store. Typically, the more you tell, the more you sell.

The sell copy for this listing contains no details about the vehicle, costing the dealer a critical opportunity to engage customers and help them fall in love with the car. It also:

  • Confuses shoppers with multiple phone numbers. It begs the question, “Which one do I call?”
  • Reduces the dealership’s ability to determine how third-party sites drive contacts and traffic. Buyers may call the first number they see (In this case, the Internet department’s direct line.) instead of the trackable, toll-free number that follows.
  • Insists that customers call for information. While some shoppers will reach for the phone, most will likely click on the next listing.

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