Yesterday, we launched an all-new MyDealerCenter. Take it out for a spin, and let us know what you think of the new merchandising and reporting tools.

MyDealerCenter is’s web-based inventory management system. It features the tools needed to promote your inventory and brand your store on Comprehensive OnlineAdReports allow you to see the leads your listings generate and how your advertising is working.

MyDealerCenter enhancements help you to:

  • Set competitive pricing. Correctly priced cars sell quickly and allow you to earn the profit you deserve. MyDealerCenter eliminates the guesswork by surveying your local market to determine the average, low and high price for similar make/model combinations.
  • Offer a virtual test drive. Help buyers form an emotional attachment with the car by describing the driving and ownership experience. MyDealerCenter now offers three times as much room for sell copy as the prior version.
  • Manage listings pictures. Multiple photos encourage shoppers to spend more time with your inventory, learning about your cars and why they should buy from you. MyDealerCenter allows you to quickly upload your pictures and organize them for your listings.

If you have questions about your account or need help accessing MyDealerCenter, please contact support at: +1 800.298.1460.