Tim McConville
Tim McConville
Product Manager

Display advertising plays an important role in your online media mix. Product manager Tim McConville discusses how advertising your new-car specials can help you sell more new vehicles.

How can I use display advertising to sell more new cars?

Just as you use display advertising in the newspaper to promote your new-car inventory, you can use display advertising online to reach in-market shoppers. These ads allow to you to provide consumer-friendly information about your current stock and pricing, leasing or financing options. Unlike print display advertising, though, these ads are not static: They can be configured on-the-fly based on the shopper’s search criteria to provide information on the specific vehicle requested and on similar models.

For example, a local car shopper who searches on Cars.com for a new Chevrolet Impala and clicks a NewCarSpecials link will see up to 30 matches. The ad would display up 10 Chevy Impalas — plus 10 Malibu and 10 Cobalt listings.  

Let’s look at three reasons why you’ll want to include display advertising in your online media strategy: 

  1. Reach a quality audience. By adding a prominent link to your specials from your online listings, you increase your new-car visibility. When consumers click to view your ad, they are taken away from competing listings and shown only your inventory in an attractive display ad showcasing relevant options.
  2. Promote your latest listings. In addition to showing shoppers similar models, your specials ad can also automatically display the lowest price and the total number of available units for each model. The ad is updated based on your inventory, so it is always current.
  3. Help buyers take the next step toward a purchase. The ad for your specials creates a virtual showroom that invites shoppers to take a look around to see what you have to offer. Clear calls to action encourage car shoppers to interact with your inventory, visit your website, search your new-car listings or view a map to your dealership. 

From your perspective, involvement is minimal. Everything in this ad is automatically generated, pulled daily from your new-car inventory. And car buyers respond to the ads. At Cars.com, we’ve found that NewCarSpecials generates click-through rates of more than 65 percent and encourages shopper involvement and interaction.

All you have to do now is work the higher quality new-car leads you receive from serious local car buyers.

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