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A: The sell copy you write to promote a new or used car should tell a story about the vehicle. From describing its condition to itemizing its special features, you want to give buyers a sense of the driving and ownership experience they can expect. Simply repeating the information from the VIN decoder costs you a critical opportunity to demonstrate the listing and assure car buyers they’ve found the right match. Every car – especially used or certified used models – offers unique qualities that you’ll want to showcase in your listings.

Let’s take a look at four tips that will help you sell more cars.

1. Provide a virtual test drive. Increase the effectiveness of your listings by describing the car’s interior and exterior condition and styling. Put the buyer in the driver’s seat with evocative language such as:

  • Imagine the pleasure of cruising this summer with the top down in this convertible.
  • Feel the rush when accelerating with this 5.4-liter V-8.

You can even use your seller’s notes to highlight unique features such as custom wheels, aftermarket accessories and warranty packages. Many cars on the market could share these special features, so set your car apart with additional details such as:

  • Ownership: Only one previous owner.
  • Certification: Manufacturer inspection completed, factory warranty available.
  • Reliability: Service records included.
  • Cleanliness: Driven by a nonsmoker.

2. Give shoppers reasons to buy from you. Studies show that shoppers use the internet to determine what to buy and where to purchase their next vehicle. Including information about manufacturer awards you’ve received, your business philosophy and community reputation help set you apart from the competition. You’ll also want to call attention to important amenities such as a convenient location or a state-of-the-art service facility.

3. Offer incentives. To encourage shoppers to take the next step toward a purchase, include a special offer. Consider, for example, a “free oil change with a test drive” or “$200 off when you present this ad.”

4. Spelling, grammar and punctuation count. Car buyers prefer to work with professionals, so carefully review your listings for errors. Misspelled words, improper grammar and too many exclamation points undermine your credibility and lead shoppers to check out your competitors. Also, you already have their attention, so there’s no need to “shout” by writing in all capital letters.

With these guidelines in mind, you can write sell copy that helps shoppers fall in love with the car and take the next step toward a purchase.

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