Teri Oniel
Teri Oniel
Customer Service Manager

If you advertise your inventory with Cars.com, you may have questions about your account. Cars.com customer service manager Teri Oniel discusses how Cars.com provides the assistance and information you need.

Why Should I Contact Cars.com Customer Support?

The answer is simple: Whenever you have a question or issue you can’t address on your own, the Cars.com support team can help. While many requests (e.g., changing your user name/password, manually updating your inventory or accessing your OnlineAdReports) can be self-managed through MyDealerCenter, we know there are times when you’d rather not go it alone. Let’s look at the five most common reasons the Cars.com customer support and account management teams are called into action.

  • General Inquiries and Troubleshooting. Cars.com support can assist with a wide range of situations – from providing information about Cars.com products to connecting you with your sales representative and resolving technical issues. Is the configuration of your internet firewall preventing you from accessing MyDealerCenter? Do you want to learn how to use the NewLeadsPlus administration tool? Whatever your specific concern, support is the place to turn first.
  • Account History. Whether you’re looking for data to support marketing initiatives or researching a problem with a third-party service provider, Cars.com can access your records to get the information you need. The support team, for example, can help you identify patterns of sales spikes and dips to determine if your vendors are making timely updates to your listings. We can also tell you when changes were made to your account settings and who requested them.
  • Login Access. Your Cars.com account manager is the person to contact for assistance when you need to reset your user name and password. The account manager also can help if you want to add access for a new employee or remove access for a former employee.
  • Dealer Data Maintenance. It’s essential that your dealership data is up to date on your listings. If you’ve changed the name of your store or moved to a new location, be sure to let us know so we can update your records. You also don’t want leads to slip through the cracks, so be sure all leads are being routed to the right location in the dealership. Cars.com support can help you reroute phone calls and emails from car buyers if the contact in your dealership has changed.
  • Inventory Issues. If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it. Should you experience inventory-related issues (e.g., data feeds, pictures, sell copy and video), bring them to the attention of Cars.com support so we can promptly resolve them and get you back on the path to more sales.

When and How Should I Contact Customer Support?

Cars.com internet support specialists are available to speak with you on the telephone from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. The toll-free main support line is 855-871-0557. Most calls are answered within 30 seconds; if you need to leave a message, a specialist will contact you within two business hours.

Prefer to use email? Send your request to support@cars.com, and a specialist will reply within eight business hours.