Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards
Randy Adams Inc.
General Manager

With internet traffic accounting for an increasing share of its sales, the management team at Randy Adams Inc. assigned a dedicated salesperson to work with online shoppers. That decision – made approximately two years ago – continues to bear fruit for the independent dealership, general manager Jim Edwards said.

“I believe we’re all getting to that point where we realize the internet is the wave of the future,” Edwards said. “If you leave it up to everybody, then nobody is going to concentrate on it. You have to have one person whose goal is to generate sales online. You ensure that every lead will get answered as quickly as possible, and you make sure none of the inquiries is left hanging.”

Located in southern Texas, near San Antonio, Randy Adams Inc. carries between 100 and 110 vehicles in inventory and employs five salespeople. Edwards attributes half of the approximately 60 cars the store sells each month to buyers generated from listings on its website and on shopping sites such as Cars.com. He shared his three tips for the program’s success:

  • Put the Right People in Place. “Some people feel comfortable on the internet, and some absolutely abhor it and would prefer to talk to people face-to-face,” Edwards said. “You’ve got to have somebody in there who’s going to dedicate their floor time to taking care of the internet leads that are generated.”
  • Delegate the Right Amount of Authority. Edwards said his internet salesperson’s duties focus on working with online shoppers. The store’s management team makes all inventory and pricing decisions, and he personally oversees how vehicles are merchandised with pictures and sell copy.
  • Define an “Internet Sale.” To ensure proper tracking and to simplify procedures, the internet salesperson manages walk-in visits, email inquiries and phone calls when he is requested by shoppers. “Unless the buyer specifically asks for internet sales,” Edwards said, “the deal is fair game for everybody.”

Is a Dedicated Internet Salesperson Right for You?

According to Edwards, the answer is probably yes.

“I think if you’re selling 10 cars or 100 cars, you need one person who’s always looking at it. You have to be able to hold somebody accountable for responding to the leads that you get,” Edwards said. “It’s just as if you had 15 people walk on your lot; you’d want to make sure all 15 are waited on. If you get 15 leads in, you want to make sure all 15 are talked to.”

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