Effective Banner Ad
Effective Banner Ad

Q: How do I design a banner ad with maximum impact for my store?

A: A major strength of online banner ads is their ability to make your brand resonate with car buyers – that is, if the creative is done right. What are the ingredients that make a banner ad stand out and capture a shopper’s attention? Let’s look at six things an effective banner ad should include:

  1. Appeal: A picture of a popular vehicle appeals to consumers at an emotional level. Short, powerful phrases touting your dealership’s strengths or a specific incentive appeals at an intellectual level and impresses consumers looking to make a smart choice.
  2. Consistency: Use a creative style and message that is similar to your offline advertising. This increases viewer recall. For example, include your unique logo and current catchphrase.
  3. Identity: Identify your dealership with basic but important elements, including your logo, website address, phone number and physical location.
  4. Call to action: Tell an intrigued consumer what to do next. If possible, give an incentive to take quick action. For example, “Click to see internet specials before they expire” or “Test drive by February 1 to receive an extra $100 off your purchase.”
  5. Contrast: Visually separate the key message or image that you want consumers to grab onto and remember. Use a different font size, shape or color to make it stand out.
  6. Relevancy: Use a balance of graphics and text to make a distinct, enticing message that results in your brand resonating with consumers. Don’t waste precious space on arbitrary decoration or images. Limit animation to four frames at a reasonable speed. Indulgent graphics make consumers feel assaulted and won’t lead to the lasting, trusted feeling that you want associated with your dealership.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to make a good impression with buyers and drive more traffic to your store.

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