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Dealer graphics or “logotiles” are an often-overlooked part of a dealer’s listing on automotive shopping sites. Cars.com product manager Nick Hummer offers advice on how to get the most out of this important, free branding opportunity for your store.

What is a Logotile?

A logotile is a small graphic that can appear in each of your vehicle listings, as well as next to your information in the dealer locator. Dealer logotiles generally include basic information, such as the name of your dealership. On Cars.com, all logotiles are 88 pixels wide by 66 pixels high and are generally referred to as “thumbnail sized.”

What Makes a Good Logotile?

Some examples of good information to include in a logotile include:

  • Dealership logo: This is the perfect way to make sure car buyers connect their dream car with the sign they see as they drive home from work every day.
  • Dealership slogan: Want to link your online lot to the jingle on each of your radio spots? What about connecting each car to the tagline on your business cards or your weekly newspaper flyer? Your logotile is the perfect place to include that one little sentence that will connect your buyers to you.
  • Your official manufacturer logos: Don’t just tell consumers you’re the only authorized Yugo dealer in the tri-county area: Show them! Your logotile is a great way to tell buyers which brands you carry. Including your manufacturer logos is also a great way to tie your vehicles to the existing certified advertising program information on Cars.com. Just make sure you’re using only authorized logos permitted by your manufacturers.
  • Be creative (and professional): Don’t be afraid to do what it takes to grab the attention of online buyers. Use bright colors and big fonts. Just keep it professional.

Is There Anything I Should Avoid in a Logotile?

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here are a few items to avoid:

  • Don’t include your phone number or website URL. Phone numbers and URLs can both change, and if those changes are not simultaneously made in your logotile, you may lose customers. Additionally, most online lead-generation sites will provide you with specific reporting to track your phone calls and website transfers. Including this information on your logotiles may make it harder to evaluate your return on investment.
  • Don’t include pictures of people: Avoid adding pictures of your general manager, your receptionist, your dog or even the professional model you’ve recently hired. Salespeople change, and consumers are more interested in learning about your dealership than looking at a pretty face. If you’re uploading a logotile to multiple sites, pictures can often become stretched or squashed if one site uses different dimensions than the other.

Most of all, have fun. Logotiles represent your chance to stand out and show your consumers what sets you apart, and they don’t cost a cent.