When an online shoppers call about one of your internet listings, do you see what they see? Literally being on the same webpage as the prospect improves your odds of making a sale. Not only are you better able to answer shoppers’ questions about a given car, you also can easily direct them to other vehicles in your inventory that more closely meet their needs and budget.

Lock and Load

So that you’re ready to go when customers call about a car, take a few minutes at the start of your workday to pre-load your vehicle listings into your web browser. Visit each of the sites you use to advertise your inventory and open, into a separate tab, the page on which your listings are compiled. This way, you can quickly locate the car in question — on the automotive shopping site the customer is using — and begin discussing it. You’ll find that this technique saves you the strain of working from memory and ensures you provide accurate information.

Invite the Customer Online

If the customer has web access but isn’t looking at the listing, ask that he or she log onto the internet so that, together, you can review the car. As you talk about the vehicle, ask the shopper to tell you about the features that drew his or her interest in the vehicle.

Consider the Possibilities

Equipped with this insight, you can bring similar additional features to prospects’ attention or suggest they consider other cars at your store. Perhaps another vehicle is a better match, or you can offer them a chance to save money by going with a different color or a lower-priced model that offers the capabilities they need with fewer of the “bells and whistles” they don’t want.

Co-navigating your listings with prospects may take an extra moment or two, but it greatly increases the likelihood of a sale — for two primary reasons. First, you show customers that they need look no further than your store to find the right car. And, second, shoppers now see you as a consultant committed to helping them find the right car versus an order-taker looking to make a quick sale.