Concerns? You’ve probably heard a few, from “Why don’t you know if you have the vehicle in stock?” and “Why do you need my phone number?” and “How much do you think my current vehicle is worth?” How you address these questions and guide the prospect back to the business at hand — buying a car — will do more than help control the conversation. It could help you earn the sale.

When car buyers contact you on the telephone, they’re likely finalizing their homework and narrowing in on the car they plan to purchase. Rather than drive from store to store to get the information they want, they find it easier to let their fingers do the walking — while keeping you at arm’s length — until they’re ready to take the next step. Fumbling the conversation at this point could cost you the deal, while resolving a prospect’s questions and concern clears the way for you to get the buyer off the phone and onto your lot.

Recommended by’s expert trainers, the following responses to buyer concerns and frequently asked questions can help you keep a sale moving in the right direction.

Question: Why don’t you know if you have the vehicle?
Suggested response: I pride myself on knowing our inventory, however, our vehicles move quickly and inventory changes at a moment’s notice. I wouldn’t want to invite you to our store for a car we may no longer have. Let me speak with our inventory manager to check on the status of that vehicle. That might take 10 or 15 minutes, and I’d hate for you to wait on hold that long. Should I call you at your home, work or mobile phone number?

This may also be a good time to ask buyers if they are interested in the specific vehicle in question or if they would also consider similar vehicles in the same price range.

Question: Why do you need my phone number?
Suggested response: Let me assure you that, when I call you back, I won’t waste your time. I’ll only provide you with the information you’ve requested, and I won’t continue to call you unless we agree additional follow-up is needed. Should I call you at your home, work or mobile phone number?

Continuing concern: Why can’t I call you back in 10 to 15 minutes?
Suggested Response: We occasionally get very busy here, and I would hate to miss your call. If you’d rather call back at your convenience, that would be fine. If I’m not available at that time, I will return your call at my first opportunity. As a professional courtesy, from whom should I expect a call? How do you spell your last name? Your first name?

Question: How much do you think my current vehicle is worth?
Suggested response: Have you had your vehicle professionally appraised?

Answer: No
Suggested response: In that case, would a daytime or evening appointment work better for you? You could meet with our professional appraiser to discuss what your car is worth and, while you wait, take a test drive of the vehicle you’re considering.

Answer: Yes
Suggested response: When you meet with our professional appraiser, we’ll provide you with a professional estimate of what your car is worth and explain how we arrived at that valuation. While we would expect the trade-in offer from the other dealer to be in line with our figures, we understand that there could be some variance. We will do our best to meet the offer; in the meantime, you may also want to consult Kelley Blue Book’s for more information. When you visit our store, you can take a test drive of the car you’re considering.

Additional Resources
Your ability to address these concerns hinges less on whether you recite these suggested responses word-for-word than on how well you confidently address the underlying issue. In doing so, you can earn buyers’ trust, a key factor in earning their business. The main point you want to convey to car buyers is your commitment to help them find the right car. In recent issues of DealerADvantage, we’ve discussed how you can develop effective phone scripts and email templates that seem natural to car buyers and equip you with a powerful sales tool