Online classified listing services typically allow dealers to include information that is automatically added to each of their vehicle ads. The point to convey is simple: Here is why a customer would want to do business with your dealership. Help car buyers understand the quality service and vehicles they can expect when they visit your store.

For example:
[Dealership Name] has operated in [Community Name] for [Number] years, earning [Franchise Award] each year since [Year]. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service and the most competitive prices on high-quality, late-model used cars.
If you’re not satisfied with your vehicle, we offer a guaranteed buyback program within [Number] days of purchase.
Each vehicle sold by [Dealership Name] undergoes a [Number]-point inspection to ensure that it meets our high standards for safety and reliability.
Each vehicle sold by [Dealership Name] comes with lifetime free oil – and/or – a [Number]-day limited warranty.

To close, provide an incentive for walk-in traffic. Ask customers to print the ad and bring it with them when they visit the dealership. Typical offers include dinner for two at a popular restaurant, free lifetime car washes for the vehicle or a $200 discount. To encourage continued service at your dealership, you could also offer free oil when the customer schedules a lubrication service appointment.

What to exclude:
You’ll also want to be careful to avoid these three things:
1 Statements like, “Ask for [salesperson’s name] for special Internet pricing.” While this offer may seem reasonable on the surface, it does not create value for the customer or the vehicle in question.
2 All uppercase letters. Capital letters may seem to draw attention or add emphasis to the message you want to convey, but they are the equivalent of shouting at someone. Also, studies show that sentences with uppercase and lowercase letters are easier to read.
3 Your telephone number and your email address. Because many dealerships list their vehicles on sites other than, it is important that they be able to accurately track which provider helps drive the most traffic. Allowing the customer to contact you via the telephone number or email address featured elsewhere on your listing ensures accurate measurement.

One final tip: Write notes about your dealership in a word processing program and thoroughly check it for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation before posting to the Web. You can then cut-and-paste the information into the online tool that manages your listings.