What is Conversations on Cars.com?

Conversations on Cars.com is a Dealer Inspire messaging platform integrated on Cars.com. It comes standard with an artificial intelligence chatbot, Ana Bot as well as dealer managed chat features, giving your team the ability to share vehicle links, collaborate with team members and chat on the go from any device of your choice.

How does it work?

Conversations comes standard with a friendly A.I. chatbot that greets shoppers, answers questions, and captures leads with natural language. New chats start with Ana Bot first. She can complete many chats herself — saving a dealer a lot of time. Whenever she’s unsure how to answer a customer, she politely and instantly transfers them to an online agent at the dealership. If you are a preferred/preferred or elite dealer and not online to chat, it will be passed to our call center (managed chat professionals) to continue the conversation before sending the lead to your CRM.

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