Why do you need Conversations Starter Package?

• Drive Incremental Connections: Turn chats into conversations that convert to sales.
• Never Miss an Opportunity: Connect with consumers any day or time.
• Future-Proof Your Dealership: Move the modern consumer closer to purchase.

What is Conversations Starter Package?

Conversations Starter Package is a Dealer Inspire messaging platform integrated with Cars.com. It connects consumers to dealers and comes standard with a friendly A.I. chatbot named Ana. Ana can greet shoppers, answer general questions, and capture lead information on behalf of the dealer. Ana is on the clock even when you are not.

How does the Conversations Starter Package work on Cars.com?

If Ana cannot answer a question, she passes it off to a team of managed chat experts to continue the conversation before converting it to a lead on behalf of your dealership and routing it through to your team.

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