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Moving Forward

During these uncertain times, we’re doing everything we can to support our customers. We’re here for you as your partner and want to work with you to make sure we all come through this together. We’ve developed a number of product offerings that will help keep the car business running as things change in real time. We’re sharing each of these offerings with all of our customers at no additional charge. Please connect with your rep or fill out the form below, to get set up today.

Thank You For supporting #AllowSafeAutoSales

Now help spread the word!

And contact your elected officials to inform CISA of the critical role automotive sales and leasing plays during this uncertain time.

Financial Relief for Our Partners

To help you maintain your business now and for the long term, and DealerRater products will automatically be discounted 50% for April and 30% for May and June. View the full letter from our CEO, Alex Vetter, announcing this relief program.

Local Delivery Badging

You and your team may have the ability to bring your inventory directly to consumers. We want shoppers to know about it. That is why we are activating special Local Delivery badges on both the SRP and VDPs for all dealers who can offer this service to their communities.

Virtual Appointment Badging

Make FaceTime your secret closing weapon. Our Virtual Appointment badges will let consumers know that your staff is willing to provide video walkthroughs, discuss vehicle details and deal parameters via phone or video conference, and help you bring the physical dealership experience online for that consumer.


Being available in real-time to chat with consumers is vital when the ability to visit your store in-person is at a premium. That is why our Conversations™ on Cars solution is available free of charge to help you engage with shoppers from a distance.

Online DealerRater Badging

DealerRater is offering all customers a complimentary, 60-day “Enhanced Listing” on our platform to help your dealership navigate these challenging times. Unlock the power of DealerRater to improve your online visibility, broaden the reach of your vehicle listings, and advertise any special customer and community services you’re offering during the COVID-19 crisis.

Whether you take advantage of all of the options above or none, know Cars Cares and that we are here to help. Contact today to learn more.