• January Voice of the Consumer

    January Voice of the Consumer

    Cars.com continues to be the place to go for car shoppers looking at cars for sale.  In January of 2017, 88 percent of Cars.com visitors were specifically doing just that.  We continue to gather feedback from Cars.com visitors to further influence our site’s growth and offerings.  We also ask visitors what they specifically find helpful […]

  • Vehicle Pricing Tools: From Transparency to Trust

    Vehicle Pricing Tools: From Transparency to Trust

    Understanding what motivates car shoppers and their needs is critical to win in today’s competitive marketplace. As consumers move through their car buying journey they are looking for information to make informed decisions on what to buy, where to buy and who to buy from. Increasingly, one of the top concerns for any car shopper […]

  • Mobile Consumers Turn to Cars.com During Super Bowl

    Mobile Consumers Turn to Cars.com During Super Bowl

    Last night’s Super Bowl where the New England Patriots triumphed over the Atlanta Falcons was historic. Not only because of the game itself, but because of the advertisements. The Super Bowl has been the holy grail of advertising since Apple launched the MacIntosh in 1984. Today, just as many people tune in to see the […]

  • NADA 100 Recap

    NADA 100 Recap

    Cars.com had a great time at NADA 100 this year.  The industry has seen tremendous change over the last 100 years and Cars.com has enjoyed being a partner in growth for the local retailers for amost twenty years. As a partner in growth, Cars.com is always keeping an eye on the changing modern consumer behavior […]

  • A Full Campaign Strategy and its Importance in Reaching Today’s Customer

    A Full Campaign Strategy and its Importance in Reaching Today’s Customer

    Every dealership wants to leverage their advertising strategy to reach the most customers and influence them for the best price.  Many dealers rely on agencies to help them achieve their sales goals and hire individuals within the dealership to oversee and monitor their advertising success.  But, do you have a full campaign strategy in place […]

  • Happy Holidays from Cars.com

    Happy Holidays from Cars.com

    We are taking a Holiday blog break.  We will be back in January 2017 with more great insights, guest blogs, and content to help you succeed!

  • Dealer Inventory High and Dry After Hurricane Matthew

    Ever wonder what impact natural disasters have on car sales?  It’s a fairly specific thought, but it’s one that we can answer.  Below, we have a guest article from David Greene — Manager of Data Insights at Cars.com.  Here, David has analyzed Cars.com data from areas affected by Hurricane Matthew to better understand what impact […]

  • On the Lot: A Year Later — Go Cubs!

    It’s hard to believe that our market leading On the Lot reporting has been around since August 2015 informing dealers of customers physically on their lot!  We at Cars.com want to congratulate the Chicago Cubs on their World Series win.  Take a look at our very first On the Lot report where we show Cars.com […]

  • The Three A’s: Awareness-Assessment-Ask

    The below guest blog was written by Brian Pasch – Founder of PCG Companies, Author, Keynote Speaker – and originally published on LinkedIn. Your dealership should have a process in place that ensures that online reviews are posted consistently by your customers each month. The three A’s for success are: Awareness, Assessment, and Ask. Awareness […]

  • Napkin Math: Understanding your SEO and AdWords Spend

    Millions of dollars are spent annually on automotive online marketing, and Google AdWords represents almost 50 percent of that budget for franchise dealers.  But, how do you know if you’re making the most of your spend with Google AdWords or with SEO?  How do you know if putting more towards SEO and AdWords will bring […]

  • Paid Search and its Tipping Point: How OEMs and Large Dealer Groups Are Leading the Charge

    While industry pundits continue to accurately forecast the growth of U.S. automotive dealership digital advertising spend, the discussion around the unprecedented increase in total paid search has been absent in the trade. In May 2016, eMarketer published its latest report on trends in digital ad spend within the auto industry. The report highlighted two significant […]

  • SEM and Adwords Study

    SEM and Adwords Study

    A properly executed marketing strategy is key to helping you win. Are you getting the most return from your SEM (Google AdWords) investment? Here are a few stats to keep in mind as you build your full marketing plan.