Email Clicks Yesmail

On the elevator, between commercials, while walking the dog – at every pause, mobile-savvy consumers have an opportunity to reach for their devices and dive into their inboxes. A rising trend, smartphones have given individuals greater access than ever before, and as a result, norm behaviors are shifting. Some actions commonly done on PCs are now commonplace on smartphones and tablets; other actions have disappeared altogether, all thanks to mobile.

A strong indicator of this shift, more than 45% of all email clicks now come from a mobile device, according to a new report from Yesmail.

If you’re including links to your dealership’s website, promotional materials, or other content when emailing, texting or chatting with prospects and customers, be sure to follow these three mobile best practices.


Because consumers scan through emails instead of reading them cover-to-cover, structure your communications for readability. Use titles and sub-headers to highlight the parts of your message that are most important, and keep simplicity in mind.


Do your dealership’s emails automatically adjust to fit multiple screen sizes (e.g., smartphone, tablet, PC)? If not, transition your templates to responsive design. Going responsive means shoppers won’t have to pitch or adjust their screens to read your messages, ultimately resulting in a better customer experience.


A great email can be ruined by a link that’s not mobile-friendly. When including links to your website, inventory specials or other online content, always be sure they’re optimized for mobile users. The same principle holds true for email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers – they should all automatically convert to a mobile action, such as calling the dealership, sending a reply or gathering directions.

Finally, it’s always smart to test new email templates before integrating them into campaigns. Ask your team to do quality assurance using their own smartphones, and take feedback to heart.

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