44 percent of tablets

As shoppers move through the buying process, it’s common to go to a dealership’s website to learn more about a specific store, confirm pricing or check hours, often from a mobile device. But unfortunately, not all dealership websites rank the same when it comes to mobile. Some are clunky versions of an original desktop site, while others miss features or require users to pinch and drag to navigate. This can be a challenge when trying to connect with mobile shoppers.

According to a study from Kentico, 44 percent of consumers say they’ll never return to a website if it’s not mobile-friendly, meaning dealerships without strong mobile websites are at a disadvantage to mobile-savvy competitors.

Get started by pulling up your dealership’s website on as many smartphones and tablets as you can get your hands on to get a feel for its performance. Take it a step further by looking at your site’s mobile traffic in Google Analytics, keeping a close eye on total percentage of mobile visits, mobile bounce rate and conversions. If the experience feels cumbersome or your metrics don’t stack up, it’s a major red flag to get in touch with your website provider to make sure your mobile website is up to par.

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