mobile, text best practices, auto marketingThe lines between mobile, online and traditional phone communication are quickly blurring, leading to new consumer preferences and changes in communication etiquette. While many still depend on phone calls and emails, younger consumers accustomed to ubiquitous use of text and social messaging are often comfortable connecting with just a few quick words. In fact, research from Experian shows that more than 47 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 view an SMS text message to be as meaningful as a phone conversation. Though the medium is different, the message remains intact.

Because of this, dealership personnel have to rethink the way they engage with potential customers, as well as how they evaluate the inbound communications their dealership receives. Understanding each customer’s individual preference and then tailoring communication to best match that style is the key to reaching a wide variety of shoppers and ultimately winning more sales. By being intentional about communication styles, dealerships have an immediate opportunity to build rapport and trust with shoppers.