Smartphone automotive retail mobile trendsWith encouraging year-over-year growth, many attribute the retail industry’s success through the holiday period to the rise of mobile shopping. More than ever, consumers are using smartphones and tablets to help make their purchases. Data from IBM Analytics indicates that mobile shopping – when individuals visit the websites of brick-and-mortar retail stores from their mobile devices – accounted for nearly 40% of all online traffic on Black Friday and nearly a third of all traffic on Cyber Monday.

What’s more amazing is that just three years ago mobile visits accounted for only 3% of recorded retail website traffic during the same holiday period. Given the proliferation of smartphone ownership in the United States in 2013, now at nearly 50%, it’s clear that mobile shopping is not only a new and significant trend, but one that’s still growing rapidly.

On, we’re seeing similar behavior with roughly 40% of all traffic arriving via a mobile device. As with traditional retail stores, dealerships can embrace new mobile-savvy shoppers by optimizing their presence for mobile audiences and connecting in-store processes to reflect what shoppers are experiencing through their smart devices. Simply being accessible and transparent could mean the difference between losing a sale and affirming the purchase of a new, happy customer.

For more mobile automotive trends, check out the Power of Mobile infographic here.

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