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Listing photos, price and vehicle features is an important part of vehicle merchandising, but they often don’t tell the full story. Shoppers are looking to understand not only what their future car has to offer, but also why it’s the right car for them to purchase.

Effective seller’s notes, or vehicle descriptions, frame the style and noteworthy features of a car into an easy-to-read paragraph. One school of thought is to follow the “M.A.R.K.” strategy – a series of four questions meant to alleviate concerns and motivate customers to purchase. Watch Jacob Solotaroff of Max Systems break down the approach.

M.A.R.K. stands for Mission, Affordability, Risk and Key Differentiators. By addressing those four areas, Solotaroff suggests that dealers may be able to significantly increase the conversion of their online ads – over 90% in some cases. Let’s dig a little deeper and break down questions you can ask yourself to hit on each component of M.A.R.K.

Mission – How should potential buyers see themselves owning this vehicle? Does the future owner want something safe for the whole family or something flashy to stand out?

Affordability – What makes this car a good value? Are there options that can be tailored to fit the customer’s  needs?

Risk – How is this car going to retain its value? Is it dependable? Is it safe?

Key Differentiators – With all things being equal, what makes the car and/or dealership stand out from the competition? Does the dealership offer a special warranty or amenities? Is the car limited edition or equipped with special features?

dodge caravan

With the four areas of M.A.R.K in mind, let’s take a look at the writing philosophy in action.

M – Space and comfort shine through in the 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. With a second and third row Stow n’ Go storage system, this vehicle is perfect for a growing family on the move. Multiple compartments and adjustable seating configurations make for a great utility purchase, capable of hauling drywall just as easy as taking the team to practice.

A – Starting at $19,995, this year’s Grand Caravan can be customized to fit nearly everyone’s budget. Improving on Dodge’s latest, the updated model boasts standard premium interior and is full of unexpected luxuries.

R – Supporting its four star NHTSA safety rating, the Grand Caravan comes with standard side curtain airbags, as well as optional rearview assist and blind spot detection features. An American standard, this vehicle is sure to keep up with the family from the first day of tee-ball to the high school graduation.

K – On top of its standard family-friendly features, the new Grand Caravan offers a host of optional amenities from heated seats to a Blu-Ray entertainment package, sure to make any road trip a breeze.  Bring the family down to DealerADvantage Dodge and let us show you why our customer-focused, no pressure process can help you drive off in the car that’s best for you today!

How do you make your inventory stand out? Share your tips in the comments below!


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