is going back to the Big Game for the sixth year in a row!  To celebrate the launch of our new campaign, we’ve put together a short preview of our latest spots and are offering a chance to win $1,000 just by watching – it’s that simple.

We’re ALL DRIVE in 2013 – giving you the edge you need to succeed in today’s digital marketplace, which includes the active audience of shoppers. This year’s Super Bowl, which is projected to have over 100 million viewers, kicks off the biggest media investment in our history to raise brand awareness and connect in-market shoppers with your dealership.

With integration across TV, digital, print, radio and social, the campaign puts would-be car buyers into uncomfortable comedic situations to replace the drama they’ve avoided by working with dealers. Though we can’t give away specifics until the Big Game, the new commercials are sure get both consumers and dealers laughing.

“We have heard from car shoppers that buying a new car can be overwhelming and sometimes even stressful, so our new campaign shows how dealers help car shoppers have a drama-free buying experience by using,” said Linda Bartman,’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We think this message is one that will resonate with car shoppers. As has been the case for the last five years, the Super Bowl remains the perfect place to tell our story to an unprecedented audience.”

Stayed tuned for more about what ALL DRIVE means for your dealership and let us know what you think of the spot, which will air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3rd.

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