Visuals tip the scales

Vehicles with video see 14% more conversion from search results pages to detail pages, with contacts increasing by 21%¹.

Adding photos to a listing typically doubles contacts and nearly triples vehicle details page views¹.

Tip: The quality of the cameras on most of today’s smartphones rivals that of many early-model digital cameras, making it easier than ever to take photos and videos of your inventory and transfer them via text, e-mail or even directly to your inventory management system depending upon your provider.

Price is key

Used vehicles that list a price receive 3x more SRP and VDPs – and a 164% increase in contacts – vs. those without a price listed¹.

Tip: Ask your inventory management partner if they have a mobile solution, or consider adopting a solution specifically designed to streamline the inventory pricing process, such as  eCarList TrueTarget™.  Be sure to equip your staff with compatible smartphones to make the most of the mobile functionality offered by these programs.


The reviews are in

Consumers on are 4x more likely to send a lead to a dealer with reviews².

Tip: Include QR codes to your dealership’s review pages on signage in your sales and service departments encouraging your customers to write a review about their experience, and use your own mobile device to monitor and respond to feedback on-the-go.


¹, Merchandising Analysis, 2009-2010

² Internal Reporting, 2011