struck a chord on Super Bowl Sunday with a quirky, 30-second commercial during the second quarter.  The ad resonated with viewers and media alike, with outlets such as the Huffington Post saying “we have a feeling people will remember this spot” and CNN calling the ad the “the most talked about Super Bowl commercial” prior to the game. Additionally, the ad has hit the pop culture scene and was spoofed in a recent monologue on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“Our Super Bowl commercial was meant to grab the attention of viewers and we certainly did that based on the feedback we’ve seen,” said Mitch Golub, president. “The volume of conversation about our ad shows us that its quirkiness and catchy tune helped to break through the clutter with its message of confidence. Generating these conversations to build our brand is one of the key points of advertising to this huge audience, so I’d say our ad was success.”

As a result of the commercial, the site saw increased traffic during and after the big game.  Most notable on these days was the increase in traffic to’s mobile site and apps, and traffic from mobile devices to the wired site, which was up more than 107% from 2011.

The site also saw increased attention to its corporate-giving initiative, Cares.  For this program, selected seven different causes that build confidence in kids and young adults.  During the Super Bowl, when the commercial aired, viewers who used the popular Shazam App to tag the ad earned $1.00 for the cause that generates the most votes on’s Facebook page.  Voting began on January 26 and lasts until February 13.

“This year, through our partnership with Shazam, we were able to bring our Cares initiative into the spotlight,” said Golub.  “The interaction with our ad to support this program shows the willingness of viewers to engage on a deeper level with brands, and I’m happy to report that will be donating the full $100,000 to the winning cause.”

To view the 2012 Super Bowl commercial, click here, or visit  For more information on Cares, click here.