The Big Game may be over, but that’s not stopping you!  At, we’ve featured new characters every week representing potential car shoppers may have reached through our ad in the Big Game, and many of you shared great tips for converting similar shoppers into purchasers.

This week, Brendan is back, and he’s certainly changed his tune.  When we first met him, Brendan thought he knew best – even what brand of coffee you should serve in your service department.  Despite being what some commenters called a tire-kicker, many of you told Brendan to “bring it on,” showing you’re not afraid to meet even the most challenging customers.  You’re highly trained on your vehicles, transparent in your processes and confident in the great reviews shared by your previous customers, and now that Brendan has had a change of heart, those factors are working in your favor.  Let’s take a look.

You’re customer-centric

You’ve met a few Brendans in your day, so even when you know a customer like Brendan isn’t at your store to buy a car that day, you still do your best to provide a great experience.  You’re in tune with the way Brendan wants to shop, optimizing your dealership and your inventory for mobile and including detailed seller’s notes in your listings.  On the lot, you build a rapport by asking lots of questions and letting Brendan have his say, positioning yourself as a consultant, not just a salesperson.

You’re a master of merchandising

You’re using information in your favor by including all of the photos, videos and details Brendan could possibly want in your online vehicle listings.  Brendan is checking out CARFAX vehicle history reports, looking up pricing and comparing competitor inventory, so you’re ensuring you’re being transparent and thorough in explaining vehicle features, pricing and condition.

You’re letting your previous customers speak for you

You’re committed to providing great service, but because you know the Brendans of the world may not take your word for it, you’re enlisting your previous customers to do the talking for you.  You’re making sure you’re managing your reputation online and off, providing great experiences to your customers as a rule and soliciting reviews from satisfied previous purchasers at your store.  Now, as Brendan browses your inventory on, your Dealer Reviews could increase his confidence in your store and influence his purchase decision.

Thanks for playing Who’s Got Game!  Keep checking the DealerADvantage blog for more tips on turning shoppers into buyers post-season.