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Online Advertising

Confidence is knowing you have an online partner who will help you promote and showcase your entire inventory of new, used and certified vehicles. makes it easy for ready-to-buy shoppers to find your inventory and dealership. Then, it’s up to you to do what you do best – sell cars.

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Dealer Reviews Dealer Reviews enhance vehicle listings with verified customer feedback about a store’s sales and service departments, representing a free, powerful differentiator for a dealership’s inventory. And because Dealer Reviews are on, dealerships can manage their reputation, inventory and advertising all in one place, influencing buying decisions right where consumers are shopping for their next vehicle.

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NewLeadsPlus helps boost sales by connecting your dealership with in-market shoppers from the internet’s top search engines and automotive destination websites including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. And these leads reach you quickly – we’re often able to deliver them to you while shoppers are still online.

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DealerADvantage Live Training

The online automotive landscape is advancing at a rapid pace, and in many cases, the knowledge gap between consumers and dealer professionals is wider than ever. Through DealerADvantage Live Training,’s Dealer Trainers Kathy Kimmel, Jack Simmons and Laurie Foster offer tips, resources and best practices to close that gap, focusing on turnkey, low- or no-cost opportunities that can be put into practice without a large investment of dealership time or resources.

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