Hey team, Coach Jack here. You’ve really put in some hard work this season!  Through your great comments on the Winning Plays board at WinIt2011.com, you let us know that your dealerships have great strategies in place for getting in the game with car shoppers using video, mobile and dealer reviews. Even more importantly, you’re combining these strategies, bringing everything together in a game plan that turns extra yards into a winning season.  Let’s take a look.

You’re teaming mobile up with video for a game-winning combo.

Combining mobile and video is a great way to create a personal and interactive experience for your customers.  One commenter let us know that when a customer contacts him about a listing, he asks if they would like details sent to their smartphone.  He then shoots a walk-around video of the vehicle with his own mobile device and texts the video to the customer instantly.

You’re stepping up your reviews game with video testimonials.

You’ve got all the plays you need to turn your satisfied customers into advocates for your store through written reviews, but you’re not stopping there.  You’re shooting video testimonials of happy customers right on your lot, leveraging the impact of video to build confidence in your brand and acknowledge your biggest fans. 

You’re making it easy to influence the mobile car shopper’s purchase process with reviews.

Many of you have mentioned you’re using QR codes to direct your customers to your review pages, taking advantage of the instant connectivity of mobile devices to show off your online reputation while car shoppers are standing on your lot.  In some cases, you’re even asking your customers to review your store from their smartphone before they leave the store, inviting them to visit your review sites on their mobile device at the point of sale or while finishing up their service visit.

Great work this season, team!  You’ve made this coach proud.  For more tips on scoring points with video, mobile and dealer reviews, head over to Winit2011.com and take a look at my last video, featuring actual game-winning strategies you shared on the Winning Plays board.  Stick around until the very end of the video for some extra laughs – I share a few of my fumbles during the season in an exclusive blooper reel!