Hey team! Coach Jack here with some of the great tips and tricks you have been discussing this month on the Winning Plays board over at Winit2011.com.

You know that 91% of shoppers consult reviews when choosing a dealership, and your team is committed to having a great reputation online.  The more reviews you can score, the better.  Here are some of the tips and tricks you’re using at your dealership to encourage shoppers to write reviews. 

You’re replaying your team’s best game-time moments.

Your team is proud of the hard work they put into getting stellar reviews!  You’re showing off your great reputation by posting customer reviews on your website and on signs throughout your store, and you’re directing prospects to your review pages with banner ads and QR codes, making sure potential customers know what other satisfied car buyers and service customers have to say about your dealership.  You’re also recognizing your MVPs by reading reviews during meetings and printing them out to place on their desks, and you’re seeing that recognition translate into more great work.

You’re playing the field with great coverage.

You know that building your review volume on Cars.com gives you the ability to influence car-buying decisions – right where consumers are shopping for their next vehicle.  Cars.com Dealer Reviews sets up the play so you can showcase your great reputation next to your inventory, giving your team an edge over the competition.  But that’s not all – you’re going for extra yards by building your review volume in other places as well.  You’re managing your online reputation on as many sites as you can manage, making sure you’re covering the entire field and not missing a single opportunity to make a big play. 

You’re perfecting your game with social media.

In addition to dedicated review sites, you know that managing your online reputation on social media is crucial. More consumers than ever before are reaching out to their networks about their car shopping experience, making that a conversation you know could include comments about your dealership.  You’re providing excellent customer service, which is the best way to ensure your dealership is cast in a positive light, and you’re engaging with your customers on social media to deepen those relationships.  You’re also monitoring what’s being said about your store, putting you in a great position to thank your customers for good feedback and quickly attend to any issues that arise.

All right team, that’s great work! Be sure to check back in at Winit2011.com for more game-winning strategies for managing your online reputation. While you’re there, don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes for your chance to win an iPad 2!